Looking for a food stylist and photographer who specializes in digital media strategy and branding? Look no further - I’m your girl! I’ve collaborated with some of the largest North American food brands since I started blogging in 2014, and I’d love to work with you!

With a Masters degree in journalism, I’ve got five years experience creating content for big websites such as the Yellow Pages and HuffPost Canada Living. Multimedia content creation and storytelling is my full-time job, and I've had the pleasure of working with a number of brands on a contract basis such as Loblaws, Harvest Snaps, Mann’s, The Canadian Produce Marketing Association, Muir Glen, Vitamix, Johnsonville, Kraft, The Peanut Bureau, Campbell’s and more, developing long-term partnerships to help with their content goals.

I’ve also built up a large and engaged audience on my own website and social media channels as a testament to the type of content that truly resonates with people. So many companies are competing for engagement in a variety of online spaces. You have to have a presence on every single social media channel, and you also have to fight for attention in an online world that is oversaturated with content and branded messaging.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. But how do you do that? With enough high-quality, authentic content that resonates with your target market. By working with a true professional that understands the digital media landscape, and who constantly researches food and social media trends. And by working with someone who has the knowledge and equipment to help solidify your brand identity.

I’m not just a food blogger: I’m a full time content machine and professional food photographer that can help you take your business to new heights. No matter the size of the project, I am dedicated to getting it done fast, and getting it done right. You need content that is aimed at boosting your visibility online - and there's no question that the right photos can do that!



Every company has a need for content creation. Whether you’re hiring an influencer for a series of sponsored posts or you’re looking for beautiful pictures to share on your own social channels, it’s clear that photos help solidify your brand’s presence. In the online world, a presence across all social media channels and a company blog/website is key.

I can help you create gorgeous food photos that generate buzz for your brand and drive people to your website. Content creation is my specialty, and I have a solid track record of fast turnarounds on quality content. I currently create one to two recipe videos a week for my own food blog and churn out three unique posts per week with fully developed recipes. Beyond that, I have helped clients take their websites to new heights with stunning, colourful photos that are eye-catching and on brand.

As an experienced food photographer, marketer, stylist, writer and video creator, I have also taken a variety of online courses geared to social media marketing across channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and know the best practices in creating content for each, as well as how to game the algorithms. My Masters degree in Journalism has also enabled me to analyze how content is absorbed by an audience.

Here are just a few examples of other places my work has appeared:



One of the best ways to effectively engage with your audience is through video. According to Youtube, mobile video consumption rises 100% every year, and 64% of social media users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video. Simply put, it’s what gets the most traffic and engagement across Facebook and Instagram, and it really makes you stand out among competitors.

Whether you decide to create a sponsored video through my blog and social channels, or decide to add it to your own content calendar, you can be sure that you’re getting as many eyes as possible on your product.

Production companies are expensive and can be unaffordable to smaller companies looking to gain a lot of traction as they enter the marketplace. I’m here to help. Say hello to professional Tasty-style videos for your brand at a super affordable rate! As a full-time content creator, I’ve got a super fast turnaround time and can help you fill that void in your content calendar with fun short recipe videos.


"We absolutely adore working with Taylor. She creates beautiful content for our brand while staying true to hers and her photos perform extremely well on our social channels!" - Michelle Lella, Community Manager for Harvest Snaps

“Taylor is a pleasure to work with and has been great in delivering content that matches the Mann’s brand and is relevant for our customers. She’s very quick with her turnaround time and provides quality videos and recipes. We definitely recommend working with Taylor!” - Monica Infelise, Content Marketing Specialist for Mann's


  • Recipe development

  • Professional food and lifestyle photography

  • Sponsored blog posts

  • Brand ambassadorship

  • Social media and brand consultations

  • Video production

  • Cooking classes and demonstrations

  • Speaking engagements

  • Travel food writing and photography

  • Social media coverage, such as Twitter parties, Instagram contests & Facebook live demonstrations